2017 Kites and Flights

A report from Bill about our 2017 Kites and Flights event:

2017 turned out to be one of the best 
NCBC Kites and Flights events in many 
years. The weather turned out to be the 
best, 8 balloons with their crews came 
out to fly. Friday night several balloons
 were ready to fly but the wind never 
dropped. Saturday AM the winds were 
light on the surface with 7 to 10 knots 
above 500 feet, with about 90+ degrees 
of steerage.. the fall leaves were spectacular...

There were about 35/40 balloonists out 
in the AM.... we invaded the local 
breakfast spot and we finished by noon 
and everyone was ready to refuel to get 
ready the evening flight.? Mid afternoon 
more balloonists started to arrive by 
the evening flight we were up to 65/70 

Eight balloons lifted off for the 
evening flight.. it was tight in the 
launch field and everyone worked 
together, last Balloon away was 
Sandra....she handled the launch 
like a pro, her landing was a stand 

During the Day Sandra got around to 
mingle with all the balloonists. 
It was great to hear her speak 
with everyone. Supper time came 
and a ton of food appeared.? 
Every one left with full tummies...

Everyone left ready for our next 
Kites and Flights 2018 - Oct 20th.

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Soft landing and Gentle Breezes