Thank You from Leslie Manion & David Lopushinsky (Past Presidents)

Thank you so much for a lovely farewell dinner last night at that NCBC favourite, Louis’ Steakhouse. We were honoured to see so many familiar faces come out to wish us well. As well, we appreciated becoming Honourary Members (think we only have done that once before ), loved the apple tags in the zebra bag, and enjoyed our dinner immensely.

The NCBC has been an integral aspect of our 25 years in Ottawa, and our lives have come to revolve around the ballooning community. The friendships made, the lessons learned from the stories told, and the experiences shared will extend well beyond the distance that will separate us. The NCBC, and the people in it, will be in our heart for years to come.

May our paths cross again. Meanwhile, gentle breezes and soft landings to all.

Leslie & Dave

Leslie and Dave are leaving Ottawa and moving to British Columbia. Leslie & Dave were presented Honorary NCBC memberships for their years of dedication to the NCBC. We wish them well!