Special Shape Rodeo – July 18 and 19

We will be flying a bunch of Special Shape Hot Air Balloon Rodeo on the weekend of July 18 and 19, 2015, weather permitting.

We will have 2 Brand New Special hapes that were completed this year, and we should have a total of 8 Special Shapes attending including the following:

  • Alien Rocket Special Shape Balloon (Brand New for 2015!)
  • (What a Hoot) Owl Special Shape Balloon (Brand New for 2015!)
  • Tiki the fish Special Shape Balloon
  • YuYu the penguin Special Shape Balloon (if it’s back from Taiwan in time)
  • Bunch of Bees Special Shape Balloon
  • Queen Bee Special Shape Balloon
  • Super FMG Special Shape Balloon
  • Pico Special Shape Balloon

We will need lots of crew! Anyone is welcome to come out and help. Regular balloons are welcome to come out and fly with us as well.

See you soon!