Post Kites and Flights 2016 Report

Here is a Post Kites and Flights report from our friend Bill:

Rain, Rain, Rain... to put it bluntly.

The rain started on Thursday and it never stopped till
Sunday morning.
In true balloonist spirit, they started to show up 
before sunrise.
We all new the weather would keep us grounded, and 
the rain would also keep the kites dry inside. We 
had plenty of pilots and crew out for breakfast. 
When we returned from breakfast, more crew were 
Even though the weather was terrible all day, 
more pilots and crew would come and go stopping 
in to say Hi.

We were graced by new friends from the local 
half-way house, (several types of handicaps).
They came hoping to see kites or balloons. 
Our good friend Gerard had set up several kites 
in the shop to add some color. Some of these kites 
were made from our left over balloon fabric cuttings.

Supper time came around and the head count was more 
than 40.
That's one thing about balloonists, we may miss a 
flight or two but we never miss a meal!

Our next Kites and Flight takes place next 
Oct 21, 2017, mark your calendars now.
No excuses, we plan on having good weather.