Post Kites and Flights message

Here’s a write up from Bill:

This past weekend proved to be a good one. It all started 
Friday when Balloon friends started to show up early.

Weather watchers tend to do that. The High pressure system 
that came in did not want to be wasted. 6 balloons took to 
the sky Friday night and some of us got to fly almost 2 hours.

On Saturday morning, before 7:00 AM, there were almost 50 
people here as 8 Balloons took to the sky. The forecast 
(SpotWX) was to have stronger winds by early morning, 
and they got it right. After an hour we were flying at 
20+ MPH, or 40 Km range, at low level. Some found long 
fields and we managed to hide behind some tall trees.

Breakfast was a lot of good friends at Maggie's in 
Alexandria... The afternoon had more balloons arrive but 
only the Kites took flight, as a weather rain system approached.
A few brought their kites so the sky had lots of color 
all afternoon.

Lots of good old friends with new ones acquired, the weekend 
was a great time.

So Members of the NCBC - Mark your calendar's now! Next years 
Date is  Saturday Oct 22, 2016. If you want to plan on coming 
early just let us know.

Thanks to our fellow Balloonists from New Brunswick, New 
Hampshire, New York, Ottawa/Gatineau, Montreal, St Jean, 
and Quebec city for attending.
Gentle Breezes and soft Landing, But a few Fast ones,  
yee haw.....EH!!!

Wild Bill EH and Sandra