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Kites and (Hot Air Balloon) Flights 2014

Reserve the date! October 25th, 2014.

Wild Bill will be hosting our annual pot-luck and flying day/weekend. Bring your Balloons! Bring your Kites! Bring your family! Bring your crew! Bring a dish for the potluck too!

Come fly the Ontario farmland – where there are very few power lines and at a time of year when the crops will be cut.

The location is close to St-Isidore, in Ontario. 45 minutes from Ottawa, or an hour from Montreal. Get in touch if you need directions.

If Mother Nature cooperates, we’ll fly Hot Air Balloons during the weekend, and if she doesn’t we’ll fly Kites!

This is not an organized festival, although we sometimes get quite a few balloons in the air! Should be fun!

First Flight for 2 Balloons

Dave’s new “Apple PI” Special Shape Hot Air Balloon (in the shape of an Apple) and Bill’s YuYu the Blue Penguin Hot Air Balloon both had their maiden flights tonight.

Both balloons look fantastic as they lifted off from the Jaring farm in eastern Ontario.

With light winds and lots of fuel they hope for many more long flights.


Tonight: Flying the Mini Balloon for Breast Cancer awareness

The High school in Casselman is having a breast Cancer awareness walk tonight, Thursday May 29th, 2014. 

Here’s a message from Bill:

"Students are walking all night to raise money 
for breast Cancer. I volunteered the NCBC 
Mini Basket and my breast Cancer Mini Balloon.

We are meeting for approx 6:00PM with flying starting (The Mini Balloon) around 7:00 PM.

If anyone wants to join us I will be on my cell all afternoon. You can see the high school from the road...

Thanks to anyone who comes out and WANTS TO GET CURRENT//// LOL

Wild bill EH!!!"

Hot Air Balloon Passenger Guide

After a year of collaboration between Transport Canada and the Canadian Balloon Association, a Hot Air Balloon Passenger Guide has been produced.

The document is hosted on the Transport Canada website:

Hot Air Balloons – A Passenger’s Guide [pdf]

Montgolfières – Guide du passager [pdf]

Spring is finally here

This Victoria day long weekend saw the completion of this winter’s 2 project balloons and the first hot inflation for one of the 2 balloons constructed over the winter.

The registration marks for these 2 balloons came in as C-GYTK and C-GYUU, so during construction, C-GYTK became known as Tiki, and C-GYUU became known as YuYu.

So here they are in all their glory.

Tiki the Fish:


YuYu the Penguin – First Inflation:

AX-03 World Record ratified by the FAI

Sandra’s AX-3 Duration World Record has been ratified by the FAI

Congratulations to Sandra and all involved!

FAI has ratified the following Class A (Free balloons) World record:

Claim number : 17055
Size category :AX-03 (Hot-air balloons: 400 to 600 m³)
Category: Female
Type of record : Duration
Course/location : Crysler, Ontario (Canada) – Plantagenet, Ontario (Canada)
Performance : 4h 17min 42 sec
Pilot : Sandra Rolfe (Canada)
Balloon : RVB / Bill Whelan
Date :09.02.2014
Previous record : 3 h 35 min (07.01.2007 – Pauline Baker, Ireland)
FAI congratulates the Pilot on this splendid achievement.

Tiki: 1st Inflation

Club Members have been busy building more balloons this winter.

Here are some first inflation pictures of “Tiki” the fish balloon. It was completed a while ago, but needed good weather for an inflation.

AX-3 World Record

We just got news that Sandra has flown the AX-3 on Sunday Feb 9th, 2014, for 4 hours 19 minutes duration, which sets a new World record in the AX-3 size!

Here’s the tracklog.

New AX-3 Canadian Record(s)!

10 years ago, a tiny AX-1 hot air balloon envelope, named High Lighter, was built by Bill. A report of a couple of test-flights exists in one of the back-issues of The Crownlines…. The balloon hasn’t come out of the bag in many years… but we have never forgotten about it.

Fast forward to a couple of winters ago, where Bill and Sandra, with the help of other club members, built both AX-2 and AX-3 sized envelopes, with the hopes of flying them, as well as the AX1, and in the process, setting Canadian records. You see – no current records exist for such small hot-air balloons in Canada yet (AX-1 and AX-2) because no one has ever flown any with the intent to set records.

The last time someone set a record on an AX-3 size hot air balloon in Canada was in 1976:

27 May 1976
OWENS, S. Peter
Cloud 69, Serial No. 1
Duration: 2hr 49min 58sec

In January 2012, Sandra had set a World feminine distance record in the AX-4 class.

So we’ve been waiting for Transport Canada to issue paperwork on the AX-2 and AX-3 balloons for over a year. And with that now out of the way, the only thing left was to wait for an appropriately cold weather-window to fly.

And this week, Sandra did indeed fly the AX-3.


Here is the recap from Sandra right after her first flight successful flight on the AX-3.

“Hi everyone,

The flight took place this morning (Feb 3, 2014) – a little over 3 hours – for a Canadian duration record. The flight will also set Canadian distance and altitude records, since there currently are not any in Canada.

Lots of paperwork to do to validate it – Mary will be busy!

Thanks to everyone for your support and well wishes.

This was a great exercise to see how the balloon flies – we are really pleased. The next flights will be longer, farther, and higher!



And see the tracklog from SPOT and to see a few more pictures.

Club Members – Send us your Balloon Photos

Hey Club Members,

We need to update our Member’s Balloons section with pictures of all our Member’s Balloons.

If you have a picture, please send it to: ac.bulcnoollabcnnull@ofni along with the following information:

Balloon Name: 
Pilot's Name: 
Size: AX-?, ???,000 cu ft.
First Flew: Year