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Owl Balloon is completed

Bri’s Owl balloon was completed last month. We were waiting for good weather to inflate it for the first time. You can see the trees don’t have leaves yet, as it’s been a long winter here in Canada.

Looks good – it’ll be ready to fly this summer!


Owl Balloon

2015 NCBC Safety Seminar

The 2015 NCBC Safety Seminar will be held at the Cyrville Community Centre in the “Paint Room”.

4355 Halmont
Ottawa, ON, K1J 8W6

April 11th, 2015 – from 9am to 12pm
The seminar is for pilots – but anyone is welcome to attend, as long as they are members.
Anyone can pay the fee to join or renew their membership on the day of the event.
See you all there!

New AX-04 Female Duration Record

After a change in weather, a change in plan ensued. Instead of an AX-03 distance attempt, Sandra went for an AX-04 duration attempt. If ratified by the FAI, this will be Sandra’s 3rd World Record.


Sandra flew her tiny AX-04 Hot Air Balloon for seven hours and 25 minutes yesterday, exceeding the previous female duration record set in 2007 by Minako Inoue (JPN).

Here are some of the news reports on the record:

Ottawa Citizen: This woman chilled out for more than seven hours in a hot air balloon today and broke a world record

Ottawa Citizen: Ottawa ‘extreme balloonist’ soars past world record (with video)

Ottawa Citizen: Record run ‘a struggle from the get-go’ for extreme balloonist Sandra Rolfe

CBC News Audio: Balloon Record Attempt

Topix: Ottawa ‘extreme balloonist’ completes world-record flight


AX-03 World Record Attempt – in the news

Here is an article in the Ottawa Citizen that talks about the AX-03 record attempt:


And here is the press release the club has sent out to various news outlets:

Aviation World Record Attempt
Ballooning World Record, Subclass AX-03 (Hot Air Balloons 
from 400 to 600 cubic meters),Distance, Female.
This Saturday, January 10th, 2015, weather conditions in 
Eastern Ontario will be optimalfor a Hot Air Balloon World 
Record Attempt. Ottawa's own Dr. Sandra Rolfe, president 
of Canadian Ballooning Association and with the help of 
members from the National Capital Balloon Club will attempt
to break the Female World Record for flight distance in 
a tiny AX-03 size hot air balloon.
Dr.  Rolfe currently holds 28 Canadian Ballooning records
(Altitude , Distance and Duration) and 2 World Ballooning
records (distance and duration). The Hot Air Balloon that
she will be using has been custom-built specifically  
for a record attempt.

The current Female World Record stands at 59.57km, and 
was set in June of 1994 by Julia Bayly (GBR).
Dr. Rolfe will attempt to surpass this distance this 
Saturday. She will be taking off somewhere near Ottawa 
and flying east towards St. Isidore, ON.
*  Please direct all inquiries about this record 
attempt to Bill Whelan, at 613-524-4007.

2015 AGM

Hello NCBC members and past members.
The purpose of this notice is to announce the calling of our 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM) open to all active and potential NCBC members and family.
The meeting details are as follows:
Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Supper: 6:00pm
Meeting starts at: 7:00pm
Location: Louie’s Steak House, 1682 Cyrville Rd, Ottawa, ON K1B 3L8
Anyone that has not renewed their membership for 2015 can renew their NCBC membership on the day of this special meeting.
I hope to see you all there.
Alain Bard
National Capital Balloon Club

New Special Shape for 2015

A new special shape will be taking form over the next few months. Exactly what shape it will be is a secret for now, but as you can probably tell from the picture below – it will be black and green in color. Keep checking the website for updates!


1600 yards of fabric

Eye of the Owl

Dale climbed a ladder to take a picture of the Owl Hot Air Balloon that is being built for/by Brie.

This Picture is of one half of the left eye. The eye is 15 feet across and the iris
is 10 feet wide. The little white circle in the eye is the owl’s Twinkle.

As of today we have completed the horizontal sewing of panels to complete all 16 vertiacal gores. The top cap panels have been put together, registration marks installed and we will start to sew the long gores soon!

A big thank you to all the club members who have helped already – but there is still much to do! Watch for brie’s posts looking for help when she will be coming out to keep working on the balloon.


Owl Eye

Vankleek Hill Santa Parade

Here’s a video of the Hot Air Balloon Basket Float!

“We had 6 baskets with 10 Burners running a great crowd pleaser.”


Vankleek Hill Santa Clause Parade – Dec 5th

Here is a message from Bill:

The Santa Clause parade of lights is set for Vankleek 
Hill this coming Dec 5thAll those wishing to attend 
and participate please call Bill.

More volunteers are needed, even non-club members....

Thanks to all

PS we made the inside cover of the Riview winter events Catalog.

Hope to see ya all soon.

Wild bill EH!!!

New Owl Hot Air Balloon Project

Brie has been busy working on her new Owl Balloon.

All the Fabric has been cut. A process that took 2 days, and all the panels are now waiting to be assembled.

Here we see 2 gores assembled, the white circle making one eye, waiting for the Iris to be installed, after the long seams are put together.

More to come!