Bunch of Bees

Bill Whelan is in the process of building 2 Special Shape Balloons.

The first of the two is what has been called “Bunch of Bees”. Lots of names have been thrown around for what to call this Balloon, I think Bill said it was going to be called “Billy’s Bees” today…

Here’s the 3D render of the Balloon:

You see Bill is a beekeeper, and the Balloon is a tribute to bees. It’s basically a bee-hive with 6 bees. Except the bees are huge! And very complex. I think Bill said each bee has over 100 pieces. Here’s a map of the pieces for just 1/2 of one bees:

Bee Plan
Bee Plan

I (Alain Bard) have been helping when I can (along with other NCBC members) to cut and sew this balloon.  It’s quite the impressive undertaking. Here’s a picture of myself, Bill & Sandra sewing some of the bee parts together:

Alain, Bill & Sandra Sewing Bees
Alain, Bill & Sandra Sewing Bees

Just to put the size of the bees in perspective, here’s a little video of Sandra putting some air in one bee’s antennae (on top of the bees head):

Compare one person to one antennae, then extrapolate using the 3D render… The bees are HUGE!

This is going to be a really cool balloon. I can’t wait to put some air into it!


Here’s a picture of 1/2 of a bee’s head all sewn together:

1/2 of a bee's head
1/2 of a bee’s head



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