Bunch of Bees: Wings

The Bunch of Bees Balloon (see Bunch of Bees post) is coming along nicely, although the amount of work required to complete each of the 6 bees will probably be as much as building the entire balloon envelope (which is a beehive).

Many people have been helping. I was at the workshop recently, and have some progress to show.

The wings of the bees (12 of them) have been cut, assembled and sewn onto the bee bodies.

Here’s a picture of one half of one bee with the (blue) bee wing attached to it:

Half of one bee sewn together
Half of one bee sewn together

The half bees also have 2 legs attached to them, making 2 wings and 4 legs per bee. There will be a total of six bees.

Here’s a picture of one bee wing inflated. It’s over 12 feet tall:

Bee Wing Inflated
Bee Wing Inflated

A shot taken from inside the inflated bee wing:

Inside the bee's wing
Inside the bee’s wing

Update March 16: A last picture of the first fully inflated bee. Note that the back of the bee is compressed to get it to fill with cold air. On the finished balloon, the wings should be a little more vertical. Note that this indoor space is over 20 feet tall.

Inflated Bee
Inflated Bee

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  1. This is amazing! Keep the stories & pics coming! I love seeing the progress. I will be helping out this weekend and attempt to post a sequel. Like you, I can’t wait until it is inflated!

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