Bunch of Bees: Cutting Holes in a Brand New Balloon

There is something oddly satisfying about cutting huge 30″ circular holes in a Brand New Balloon.

Maybe it’s because when I built my own Hot Air Balloon, I was sooo careful not to make any mistakes (when snipping threads or by “catching” another part of the balloon under the part that I was sewing).

Maybe because it’s not my Balloon.

Maybe it’s because a 30″ hole is almost as big as a square yard.

Maybe it’s because the fabric for this balloon is worth so much money.

Hey Bill, why did you buy all that fabric if we weren’t going to use it –¬†by cutting it away? ūüėČ

So the Bunch of Bees Balloon is progressing well. All six bees are complete. Today¬†I helped out by cutting¬†twelve large 30″ holes (2 per Bee, do we call these Bee Holes?) in the main skin of the balloon and reinforced them with webbing all around the holes. These holes are¬†required to¬† inflate the bees on the outside of the balloon. This was done before sewing the bees on the ballon, because it’s way easier to do it before than to do it after. Not that it’s easy to do in the first place, as you have to sew a continuous piece of webbing all around a big hole and turn 4 full gores of fabric (1/3 of the complete balloon) 360 degrees around the sewing machine. Twelve times.

It’s done now. 12 large holes. In a Brand New Balloon. Here’s a picture of 2 of them:

Bee Holes
Bee Holes