Bunch of Bees: Completion and Inflation |

Bunch of Bees: Completion and Inflation

The Bunch of Bees Special Shape Balloon has now been completed.

Bunch of Bees

Bunch of Bees

Here is the last update (before the inflation) from Bill:

“Good Morning everyone.  After 1500 hours of work, we finally completed the Bunch of Bees Balloon. We sewed the last seam on Sunday afternoon.  With that Long arm sewing machine, it went together very well. We then put in the last Inner panels and the structure panels.

We also started cutting the pattern sheets for Sandra’s Queen Bee, we should be cutting fabric this week….

The first inflation will happen when the fields are dry, which at this rate may be in JUNE as we still have SNOW. The first flight will happen when we get the paper work from Transport Canada.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in. Your help and company was much appreciated.

See ya all sooner than Later

Wild Bill EH!

(According to Dale since I had another Birthday, I am now MILD Bill  EH!)”

So that was written a couple of weeks ago, and since then the Bunch of Bees Balloon has since been inflated twice. The first time revealed a couple of missed seams that needed to be completed, and the second inflation was Sunday night, where Bill put some heat in it and stood it up for the first time!

Here it is in all its glory:

Bunch of Bees

Bunch of Bees

Sandra’s Queen Bee Special Shape Balloon has already been started. Most of the balloon fabric has now been, as Lynne and I helped Sandra and Bill cut some of the remaining gore panels, and ended up cutting all the pieces for the crown out of silver fabric on Saturday:

Queen Bee Crown

Queen Bee Crown

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