AX-03 World Record ratified by the FAI

Sandra’s AX-3 Duration World Record has been ratified┬áby the FAI

Congratulations to Sandra and all involved!

FAI has ratified the following Class A (Free balloons) World record:

Claim number : 17055
Size category :AX-03 (Hot-air balloons: 400 to 600 m┬│)
Category: Female
Type of record : Duration
Course/location : Crysler, Ontario (Canada) – Plantagenet, Ontario (Canada)
Performance : 4h 17min 42 sec
Pilot : Sandra Rolfe (Canada)
Balloon : RVB / Bill Whelan
Date :09.02.2014
Previous record : 3 h 35 min (07.01.2007 – Pauline Baker, Ireland)
FAI congratulates the Pilot on this splendid achievement.