AX-03 World Record Attempt – in the news

Here is an article in the Ottawa Citizen that talks about the AX-03 record attempt:

And here is the press release the club has sent out to various news outlets:

Aviation World Record Attempt
Ballooning World Record, Subclass AX-03 (Hot Air Balloons 
from 400 to 600 cubic meters),Distance, Female.
This Saturday, January 10th, 2015, weather conditions in 
Eastern Ontario will be optimalfor a Hot Air Balloon World 
Record Attempt. Ottawa's own Dr. Sandra Rolfe, president 
of Canadian Ballooning Association and with the help of 
members from the National Capital Balloon Club will attempt
to break the Female World Record for flight distance in 
a tiny AX-03 size hot air balloon.
Dr.  Rolfe currently holds 28 Canadian Ballooning records
(Altitude , Distance and Duration) and 2 World Ballooning
records (distance and duration). The Hot Air Balloon that
she will be using has been custom-built specifically  
for a record attempt.

The current Female World Record stands at 59.57km, and 
was set in June of 1994 by Julia Bayly (GBR).
Dr. Rolfe will attempt to surpass this distance this 
Saturday. She will be taking off somewhere near Ottawa 
and flying east towards St. Isidore, ON.
*  Please direct all inquiries about this record 
attempt to Bill Whelan, at 613-524-4007.