About the Club

A Balloon Primer

Hot air ballooning is a fun sport that can be enjoyed 365 days of the year – wind and weather permitting! In the summer, flights are conducted about one hour after sunrise and two hours before sunset. In the winter, we can fly all day.

In addition to the pilot who has undergone extensive training, a balloon team includes a crew of two to four people who are responsible for the safe launching, chase, and retrieval of the pilot and balloon.

What is the National Capital Balloon Club?

The National Capital Balloon Club (NCBC) is an organization of individuals that are actively interested in the sport of ballooning.

The NCBC is a non-profit organization. The Club was formed in 1987 and it’s main purpose is to promote the sport of hot air ballooning in the National Capital region by bringing together balloon pilots and potential crew.

All-Season Events

From May to October, the NCBC hosts fly days – opportunities for members to fly together for fun. Social gatherings after each flight allow crews and pilots to share their experiences and enjoy the sport’s camaraderie.

The NCBC is actively involved in the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival over Labour Day weekend and has hosted the Winterlude Balloon Fiesta in February. Crews also attend ballooning events in both Canada and the United States where they have an opportunity to fly for fun or competition to prove their skills. Nothing is more awe-inspiring than watching a multitude of balloons take to the sky at sunrise!

While flying does occur in winter and spring, these seasons are also an opportunity to train, plan for the season ahead, and work on balloon-related projects.

The Crownlines

The Club’s newsletter is entitled The Crownlines. Published a few times a year, it keeps members informed on ballooning news, trends, stories, and events, both locally and abroad. Members are invited to submit articles and photos to the club newsletter.


Membership is open to all that are interested. To join the NCBC, see the Join Us page.