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The Chase is On!

Here is a wonderful write up of one of Dave and Leslie’s flights at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta written from the perspective of a spectator mother/daughter duo that get roped in to crewing for Wicked.

Written by Kathy Galgano, it’s well worth the read:

Here it is: The Chase is On!

Travellers 411: Interview with Leslie Manion

I did Some internet digging today, and I found this little gem:


It’s an audio podcast featuring Leslie Manion.

“Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams and the “Travelers411″ Radio Show welcome Leslie Manion, Hot Air Balloon Crew Manager at the National Capital Balloon Club in Ontario, Canada to the October 8, 2011 broadcast.

Leslie discusses her international experiences with hot air ballooning with Stephanie, including her attendance at several ballooning festivals. She also shares more about her work with the National Capital Balloon Club, and Stephanie provides some history of women in aviation with some back story about the women’s flight organization, The Ninety Nines.”

Click here for broadcast shownotes, transcripts and photos.
Click here to listen to the audio archive. Leslie’s interview starts just past the 11 minute mark.