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Bunch of Bees: Good to go!

Here’s an update from Bill on the Bunch of Bees Special Shape Balloon:

“Yesterday Transport Canada was here doing the final inspection for BoB. We are now good to go as we have a Certificate of Airworthiness for the balloon. Let’s hope we have some good weather on the weekend so we can test fly it! I will send out and email as soon when the weather looks good so you can all see what an incredible job we all did… TOGETHER!

Queen Bee update: The Queen now has a head. The main balloon is all cut.

Transport Canada’s Inspector for Amateur Built balloons for eastern Canada has a very busy schedule, and he has booked a date for the queen Bee Inspection: June 20th. This is our deadline to complete the Queen Bee. It has to be done, in the bag, completed with one test inflation on June 20th! Can you hear the sewing machines running?

Sun Up to Sundown – start your Motors!

Wild bill EH!!!!

Thanks again to all who helped bring this dream to life.

So here’s to keeping your Burners HOT and your fabric COOL (Quote from Larry)”

Queen Bee: Introduction

Bill Whelan has been building two Special Shape Balloons here in the Ottawa, Canada area. If you’ve been following this blog, the first of the two, named “Bunch of Bees” or BoB has recently been completed. BoB is a tribute to Bees, being a representation of a hive with 6 bees.

What’s at the core of beehive? a Queen Bee, of course. The second Special Shape Balloon is going to be a “Queen Bee”.  Since Sandra will be flying this balloon, she wanted the queen bee to be very feminine – with eyelashes and red lips, and a crown.

Here are the 3D Composites of what the balloon will look like when completed:

Alot of work has already been done on the balloon, and it is progressing well. I helped cut out the pieces for the crown, and other club members have been helping cut and sew the thousands of pieces required for the balloon.

Here’s a video of a completed eye (notice the size of the hands holding it up!)

And here’s a picture of the red lips:

Queen Bee Lips

Queen Bee Lips

And finally a video of the inflation of the crown:

I’m told that as of this morning, the entire head is now sewn together.

More to follow!